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1938 Overture (2006)  download 

It's In My Ear mp3 (1998) download

Hey There Spamers mp3 (2007) download

Wicked Game mp3 (2007) download

Distant Dreams Medley mp3 (2007) download


Ahem, and now for some daftness... 

1980s style trolling of a radio phone in show by Kevin of Kilburn download (10.8Mb)



Where We Start download (12Mb)

Furry Critters download (7.3Mb)

Out To Lunch download (1.9Mb)

Stuff On Cats download (3.8Mb)

Salsa Dance download (463kb)

Trio download  (680kb)

The Blond download (700 ish kb)

Last Night download (1.7Mb)

Xmas2007 PPS download  (623kb)


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The music is a medley from my CD:                        

click the image to go to the CDs for sale page   

Studio Montage


More Pics... (The others are now on the photography page)

35lb Ling, Mevagissy 1984

Dawn at the Welsh Harp, North London

"Landing Lights" 


Distant Dreams is out now! more here 

Tim Rainey 2007        

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