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CDs For Sale


Distant Dreams - Tim Rainey

'Distant Dreams' CD front image

Laidback spacey electronica for all explorers of the universe within... Animated yin-yang gif

Muied Lumens mini review from the Audiotalk forum   Distant Dreams review

Feel free to download a short medley (6.5Mb) and give it a whirl before buying.  Or click here to watch the video "Clouds" with music from the CD. 

14 (about 10/$20) includes post & packing   Solution Graphics

When you buy two or more titles we will send you the Kymata Kollection CD absolutely FREE of charge!  Further details near the bottom of this page

How Can I Tell You All The Things Inside My Head - Tim Rainey

'How Can I Tell You All The Things Inside My Head' CD front image 

Snippets from emails received: 

Right first off, Tim, you are bonkers. Who or what is Albert and wheres his bike gone? Great work fella! Steven UK 

Hmmm....Hawkwind laced with early Floyd methinks. Ivan UK 

Reminded me of early Floyd and early Genesis with just a hint of something else I just cant quite put my finger on.  Alan UK 

The later singing parts remind me of Bob Calvert (Hawkwind circa 1978ish) but to be honest the speaking bit sounds better! Jem Australia  

          I know Ive already said it, but the engineering is great Tim, possibly even a talent. Chris Australia 

Well, its better than me telling you what its like.  I would just like to add that there is an eclectic mix of material on this CD ranging from electronic to symphonic; plus a few other strange diversions on the way    

For a taste of what the CD contains, click the play button... 

You should NOT be seeing this text.

You should be seeing a Flash MP3 player; please check your browser settings or better yet, move to a decent browser like Firefox ;-)

...or download (4.2Mb) the medley.

14 (about 10/$20) includes post & packing   Solution Graphics

Scapes Escape - Tim Rainey

'Scapes Escape' CD front image

Click here to watch the video to track 9, "Tibetan Flight"

Relax and escape from it all into another world of spacey laid back soundscapes... no drums or vocals were used or abused in the production of this CD

"I love the "Scapes Escape" Ive put it in my car for intense traffic jam listening !"  Tony, UK

"Your scapes will replace the one which has been in my CD player for months - such a great investment.  Beautiful!"  Rob, UK

14 (about 10/$20) includes post & packing  Solution Graphics          

  Altered States - Tim Rainey

'Altered States' CD front image

Superb stuff!!  Q00, UK 

I really like this kind of stuff! The last track does it for me - spot on! ML, UK

'Altered States' contains three 20 minute tracks of ambient/natural sounds encoded with specially tuned binaural beats designed to induce a relaxed dreamy/drug like altered state. This CD is for listening on headphones; speakers may be used but the binaural encoding will be severely diminished, if not lost altogether. 

Some people 'get' binaural beats straight away, others take time to experience the full affect, either way, designating some time everyday to listen to one, two or all three tracks will increase the brain's ability to tune in and synchronise to the binaural beats.

The Prussian physicist Heinrich Wilhelm Dove discovered binaural beats in 1839 and over the intervening years much research has ensued.  There is still controversy over their use and the following disclaimer is quoted from the Wikipedia binaural beats page:

 "Those meeting any of the following criteria/conditions should not use binaural beats:

epileptics, pregnant women, people susceptible to seizures, pacemaker users & photosensitive people.

People under the age of 18 or under the influence of medication or drugs should consult a physician before using binaural beats.

Binaural beats should not be used while driving or operating machinery.

Before using binaural beats, it is advised that one be examined by a physician for possible epilepsy or any medical condition that may contribute to seizures. Although there is no known and/or documented case of binaural beats causing detrimental or negative effects, including seizures, it is always recommended to first consult a physician."

The inevitable slightly smaller print: If you have any doubts, health fears, worries, neurotic thoughts etc, do not purchase this CD.  No claims, law suits or even lounge suits will be entertained.  Use of this binaurally encoded CD is entirely at your own risk.  If you are the type to fall, graze your knee and call for your mummy to kiss it better, then the chances are this CD isn't for you.

14 (about 10/$20) includes post & packing  Solution Graphics          

Manolis Avgenakis

Manolis Avgenakis CD front image     

Sound On Sound Logo

Sound On Sound Manolis Avgenakis review

Article reproduced with kind permission of Sound-On-Sound
the worlds best music high tech magazine!

14 (about 10/$20) includes post & packing  Solution Graphics

Nautical Flags

English-Greek Compass Points and Wind Names

 English Greek Compass Points and Wind Names CD front image                               Greek boat license

If you live in Greece and wish to own and use a pleasure boat in Greek waters, and the boat has an engine either inboard or outboard, then you must apply for a Greek boat license. 

To obtain your license, you will have to pass a written multiple choice style test in Greek. Thankfully you are allowed to bring an interpreter to assist you.  The written test is followed by a practical aboard a boat; the boat may be your own or one supplied by the Greek Coast Guard - . 

Provided you familiarise yourself with the rules of the road (*see below) then the written test shouldnt be too difficult.  Areas you need to pay attention to include: lights, signals, compass points and wind names. 

Compass points and wind names?! I hear you say.  Yes, and in Greek too!   

In Greece, the 16 major compass points have a wind name associated with them. Your test may include questions relating to them so you must learn them off by heart.  Not only that but knowing them is essential if you wish to understand Greek shipping forecasts; who would put to sea without knowing the forecast eh...   

For instance, NORTH is '' and the associated wind name is: ''.  But how are they pronounced?  phonetically sounds something like: VOREEOS, and ?... clearly it would be better to hear them repeatedly spoken.   

Enter this CD.  It has the English followed by the Greek translation; spoken by a native Greek speaker.  Repeated listening will commit the whole 16 compass points and their wind names to memory in no time at all and help you sail through the test. 

Included on the CD sleeve notes are: International Code of Signals and Lights:

International code of signals CD insert image     Shipping 'Lights' CD insert image

The test will certainly include questions related to Lights and possibly Signals too.

Also included is a laminated A4 size compass rose with the compass points and wind names in Greek; colour coded to aid recognition. 

Compass Points and Wind Names A4 laminated sheet

Good luck with the test captain... anchors aweigh! 

28 (about 20/$40) includes post & packing             Solution Graphics

*The very comprehensive, A Seaman's Guide to the Rule of the Road (as used by the Royal Navy), is available here price 12.50  The same book at Amazon is 59.50!

Kymata Kollection

'Kymata Kollection' CD image 

This CD is an essential collection of mostly free and shareware gathered over a period of years from the four corners of the globe.  More than 500MB with over 6,300 files including: applications, utilities, videos, pictures, impulses, VST plug-ins, MP3s, Kymata wav samples etc etc all with help files and/or Read links so you arent in the dark as to what the files are. 

Some of the files have never been on the net; some have, but are no longer available so this is a unique opportunity.  It's not a load of old rubbish either, a large number of the apps are invaluable and in use here virtually everyday.

When you buy two or more titles we will send you the Kymata Kollection CD absolutely FREE of charge!

"Nice selection of usefuls in your bonus CD as well - thank you really very much!"  Rob, UK

Purchasing Details

The above CDs are physical products, they are not available as downloads. 

You can safely ignore the checkout notice: "Shipping, handling, and tax may be added upon checkout."  the price includes everything, nothing will be added.

Solution Graphics

For UK based customers we also offer the option of Sterling payment/transfer directly into our Barclays bank account; please enquire for details

If you wish to order by cheque (stranger things have happened ), our snail mail address is: Kymata Studio, Box 5225, Stavromenos, Rethymno 74100, Crete, Greece.  We accept cheques in either Euros or Sterling made payable to: T Rainey

If you experience any difficulty ordering, or have any questions, please click here


All music, sounds, photographs and artwork Tim Rainey 2006

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Last updated:  2 January 2010
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