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soft pencil drawing of my cat Tippy

A soft pencil drawing of my old cat Tippy

Soft pencil drawing of a freshwater Roach

Pencil drawing of a freshwater Roach (photo of mislaid original drawing)

Computer Drawings

I've been using CorelDraw (and Photo-Paint) since version 3 on a 486; the following pictures were done with CorelDraw 8

Tessellated patterns

Four MC Escher inspired tessellated patterns

In the 70s I had a couple of MC Escher prints hanging on the wall; they left a lasting impression.  A large collection of his fantastic works of art can be found here  

There are also some interesting MPEG movie examples of Escher’s impossible constructions on the downloads page of the official site 

Incidentally, Dutchman and SOS forum member JayH came to Crete (April ‘06) and, whilst here, purchased a rather nice bouzouki to add to his ever growing collection of world instruments; JayH’s excellent music can be heard here 

I was most surprised and pleased when he presented me with a copy of MC Escher’s four metre long Metamorphosis: 

MC Escher’s four metre long Metamorphosis

It now graces a wall in the live room, thanks Jeroen!

Live room shot of MC Escher's artwork

Shameless Plug:

Nishikigoi Varieties is a 90 minute visual bonanza of beautiful koi carp…read more

Nishikigoi Varieties Koi DVD banner


Beneath The Surface

Beneath The Surface cartoon strip 1

Beneath The Surface cartoon strip 2

Beneath The Surface cartoon strip 3

Part of a series of fishy cartoon strips called ‘Beneath The Surface' also made in CorelDraw


3D images constructed in Bryce

Bryce 3D image

Bryce 3D image of laser beams and prisms

Bryce 3D image of imaginary keyboard

Bryce 3D image 'One Minute Past Eleven'

"One minute past eleven"



As a kid, in my dad's shed, I’d carve little wooden animals and present them to my French teacher as a token of my undying love; she was gorgeous… no pictures unfortunately, of her or the animals


Wooden carved spoon   

Cretan Love Spoon

Inspired by Welsh Love Spoons this 52cm (20 inch) long wooden spoon, with the captured ring at the end, was carved out of a single piece of pine.  I didn’t use power tools, just a penknife and sandpaper. 


Stone fish

Stone Fish

Armed with a hammer and chisel I chipped away at the block of limestone and found this fish hiding inside.  The block was then set above a stone arch leading to an ancient stone-built Cretan house; the house is currently for sale: further details

Sunburst gates

The arch viewed from the street showing another fish carving in the upper centre.

The metal sunburst gates were made by a local craftsman to my design


© Tim Rainey 2006

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Last updated:  2 January 2010
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