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Surplus Equipment Sale

All equipment listed is from Kymata studio, a no smoking zone. 

No reasonable offer refused.

If you have any questions please click here and fill out the form; don't forget to leave your email address and say where in Europe you are!   I will not despatch goods to America so please don't ask.  You are of course welcome to make an appointment to drop by to collect goods. 

Higher resolution images available for closer scrutiny, please specify which ones you want. 

Sale terms and conditions available on request 

Snail Mail: Kymata Studio, Box 5225, Stavromenos, Rethymno 74100, Crete, Greece.

TWO Netgear XE102 Wall Plugged Ethernet Bridges

These 'wall wart' units (UK 13 amp plug) are used to run a network through the existing mains wiring.  Simply plug an XE102 into the mains, connect the supplied CAT5 cable into the computer (or ADSL router) and plug the second XE102 into the mains and connect it to the other computer.  These units are great for networking two PCs between (say) upstairs and downstairs where there is either no CAT5 cable installed or the WiFi signal is unreliable.  

Netgear XE102 Wall Plugged Ethernet Bridges

This sale is for TWO XE102 units and includes the resource CD as supplied.  Price for both units: £55 +P & P

See the Netgear site for further details/spec

Yamaha SW1000XG Soundcard SOLD

This is the legendary Yamaha soundcard with a spec longer than your right arm You can read more about it all over the web, here is but one review:

Yamaha SW1000XG Soundcard

The PCI card

Midi breakout cable and daughter board mounting studs and cable

Midi breakout cable and daughter board mounting studs and cable

Original box and manual

Original box and manual

SW1000XG Drivers for all flavours of Windows and Mac available from:  

The SW1000XG Yahoo group can be found here:


The excellent XGPad editor is available FREE (it wasn't freeware when I bought it!) from



Yamaha PLG100-DX  (DX7 Daughter board) SOLD

Yamaha PLG100-DX

The daughter board.  (The mounting studs and connecting cable are originally supplied  only with the SW1000XG card itself)

XGtools CD and manual

XGtools CD and manual

Original box and manual

Original box and manual

The blurb/spec:

The PLG100DX originally cost £199.  It is a DX7 synth on a card offering six-operator FM synthesis, computer-based editing, 16-note polyphony, 912 preset voices and 64 user presets

The excellent XGPad editor is available FREE (it wasn't freeware when I bought it!) from


EgoSys Wamirack 24  SOLD

Very good condition and comes with everything* as originally supplied: the rack unit itself, PCI card, breakout connecting cable, manual, mains lead, Gigasampler and Gigapiano CDs, Cubasis special Wamirack edition and original box.

The original blurb/spec:

WaMi Rack is simple, elegant and the most cost effective way to solve your digital audio and MIDI hardware needs. All the professional hardware you need to start producing professional quality audio and music is neatly packaged inside WaMi Rack, and as its name suggests, it occupies just a single 1U rack space. If you have outgrown your entry-level MIDI or audio interface, and are serious about digital audio, WaMi Rack is the perfect solution. WaMi Rack gives you 4 in/4 out MIDI interface with SMPTE in/out, and 4 in/8 out 24 bit audio I/O with S/PDIF Digital I/O & Word Clock I/O.

Uncompromised Quality Audio Interface
The sound card already installed on your PC is probably good enough for the simple recording and playback needs, but if you want to get clean 24 bit 120dB digital audio recordings from an analog and digital (coaxial or optical) sources, WaMi Rack is the answer - again. Moreover, with 8 analog outputs to choose from, it's like having a separate digital mixer. You can use the 8 outputs as if they were an 8 bus console or you may want to use it to send digital audio tracks to your old analog signal processing gear. Whatever your needs may be, and however you use them, having 8 independent analog outputs gives your digital audio system an incredible amount of flexibility and freedom at your fingertips to expand your creativity.

Professional Quality - No compromises
24 bit PCI audio, +4 dBu analog levels, optical and coaxial S/PDIF, BNC connectors for word clock, 120 dB dynamic range. Just check out the specs. If the numbers don't mean much to you, just listen and explore the possibilities. We didn't compromise on anything except the price. Give it a good bang, but before you do, though, keep in mind that WaMi Rack's case is made with scratch-resistant cast iron and steel.

4 In / 4 Out Professional MIDI Interface
WaMi Rack's 4 in/4 out MIDI interface provides 64 MIDI channels, which means you can assign a unique MIDI channel to 64 different MIDI instruments. 4 MIDI inputs allow wider selection of
MIDI controllers easy access to system exclusive messages from your MIDI gear, without the constant re-shuffling of MIDI cables and patch bays.

SMPTE Interface and Word Clock Sync
Need to sync your
MIDI and audio programs to tape recorders? Your analog recorders may be heavy and bulky, but they can never be replaced by anything digital. Analog is back, and it will never go away. WaMi Rack's SMPTE interface will give you frame-accurate synchronization with any tape based storage device. SMPTE interface has a variety of applications in virtually all post-production work. Whether you need to sync to MTR, VTR or film, or simply with other MIDI equipped devices, WaMi Rack's SMPTE Interface solves all your synchronization needs.

Your digital audio needs word clock sync?
No problem if you have a WaMi Rack. Get sample accurate digital transfers from any digital devices and lock your PC's audio programs to other digital devices (such as digital mixers) at word clock level.

Technical Specifications
Digital Audio
- High quality 24 Bit A/D D/A Convertors : 120dB Dynamic Range
- Analog 4 Inputs & 8 Outputs : +4dBu Balanced/Unbalanced 1/4" (tip ring sleeve) phone jack
- S/PDIF Digital In & Out (Electrical & Optical) : Up to 24bit resolution.
- Normal Fs or 256 Fs(Super clock)
Format Word Clock In & Out for External Sync
- Supports multiple Sample Rate : 32kHz, 44.1kHz, 48kHz
- Real-time hardware sample rate converter
- Full Duplex - simultaneous Record / Playback
- Uses 32 Bit PCI slot : PCI Bus-Mastering support
- Full LED Display : 8 Audio Signal LED meters
- Signal to Noise ratio (D/A) : 120dB
- Frequency Response: 10Hz -22kHz

- 4 Port In / 4 Port Out, 64 Channel MIDI Interface
- SMPTE In & Out : Read & Write all formats of SMPTE Incl. 24, 25, 29.97,
30 Drop and Non-drop
- SMPTE Desk Viewer & Generator software for Studio use
- Power On MIDI Thru function
- Full LED Display : 8 large Activity Indicators
- Compatible with all Major software
- Advanced EGO-SYS ASIC technology
- Microsoft Windows 95/98 MME & DirectSound, ASIO 2.0 Driver, GS I/F (Gigasampler v 1.6), EASI Driver


* I haven't included the old driver CD as they have been superseded. The latest Windows (XP/2K/ME/98se) E-WDM driver version 3.85 is available here: 

If you experience any difficulty downloading it, I have a copy on my HD.

Terratec EWS64XL SOLD

Terratec EWS64XL

This ISA soundcard includes: 4 x i/o, digi i/o, 2 x MIDI i/o, onboard 64meg sampler and breakout front panel.

Drivers available at:


TerraPac Mk II - a 3CD sample pack (separate item for above card)  SOLD

Download a 10 page 31kb Word doc list of contents of the three CDs 



This is a genuine antique (1990) AdLib audio card

Other rack items:

Digital music Corp MX8 midi patch bay - very good condition. SOLD

Includes: manual, original box and editing software (PC)

Digital music Corp MX8 midi patch bay front

Digital music Corp MX8 midi patch bay rear

Digital music Corp MX8 midi patch bay top

Digital music Corp MX8 midi patch bay powered

Unit powered and below, showing some of the edit screens

Digital music Corp MX8 midi patch bay screens

Digital music Corp MX8 midi patch bay editor

Editing software for PC also included in sale.  The image in the software shows the cheaper MX8 version they released with the less durable membrane type keys.

Behringer Ultra-Curve DSP8024; includes the (optional) AES/EBU digital i/o board (fitted) - inc manual etc and boxed as new.

Behringer Ultra-Curve DSP8024

AES/EBU digital i/o board

Rear shot of the fitted AES/EBU digital i/o

KAO branded MF2DD Double Sided 1MB Floppy Discs

I have a small quantity of brand new (still in their cellophane sealed boxes) floppies for the Atari/Amiga; each box contains ten discs. 

Atari logo          Amiga logo

Are you looking for any soft or hardware for the Atari platform?  I have all sorts of surplus Atari gear...  tell me what you are looking for, I might be able to help.


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Last updated:  2 January 2010
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